About Us

ELC Loans is a trusted, credible and leading logbook loan lender in the UK committed to exemplary service delivery to our customers and provision of affordable loans to our customers. We have put in place mechanisms to ensure that no one is locked out or denied a loan simply because they have a poor credit history. We offer affordable log book loan products designed to ensure that our customers meet their financial needs without feeling pressed or backed against the wall. We are not an industry leader in the UK by default. Our commitment to customer satisfaction, total quality management and transparency is what sets us apart from our competition.

We have been able to help thousands of customers from across the UK provided that they are residents of the UK, legally own a car and 18 years of age. If you need a loan from a professional lender that ascribes to high levels of professionalism and ethical standards, we are the remedy for you. We have raised the bar high and do everything within our power to ensure that you get a pleasant experience when applying for our loan products. What’s more? We are flexible and agree on a repayment terms and period.

Should you have any suggestions or need information on our loans products, we are always available and have a pool of professionals dedicated towards enlightening you and answering you on any questions you might be having. If it’s your first time to apply for a logbook loan, we will be more than happy to explain to you how it works, the fees applicable and the time it takes for you to repay the loan. Our operations are above board and our services beyond reproach. If you are pressed financially and want a logbook loan from a lender that ascribes to professionalism, ELC Loans is at your service.