Welcome to ELC Loans

Do you have bad credit and feel like your options to get a loan are limited or nil? Do you feel frustrated because you cannot access loans from mainstream lenders? Is your credit score the bane of all your loan application rejections? If yes, you need to relax as ELC Loans is your reliable and trusted lender irrespective of your credit score. We are a trusted and dependable SimpleLogbookLoan lender across the UK with a stellar reputation in so far as provision of affordable log book loans is concern.

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What are we all about?

As a respected logbook loan lender, we pride ourselves in advancing logbook loans to all customers across the UK irrespective of the status of their credit score. We ascribe to high levels of professionalism, disclose all charges applicable to our loans and ensure that our customers are satisfied beyond measure. This website is specifically designed for people who feel left out by mainstream financial institutions due to their history of CCJS and defaults. We are committed and dedicated to offering affordable loan products to people who have applied for loan and declined due to their poor credit score. In this regard, we have offered cash advance to thousands of people across the UK and continue to be a leading and dependable log book loan lender across the UK.

Why we stand out

At ELC Loans, our commitment is in the service of our customers. We have put in place mechanisms to ensure that the needs of our customers are met and that they have a clear understanding of our loan products before they apply for them. We offer logbook loans that are affordable and secured against your car. We have a team of professionals that are instrumental in explaining our logbook loan product, the interest rate charged as well as the period of repayment. We do not have any hidden fees and disclose all applicable fees beforehand. In order to provide our customers with the best services and ensure that they make an informed decision, we have liaised with industry leading websites such as money advice to ensure that the decisions our customers make are based on a professional opinion.

The kind of people we serve

ELC loans is open to providing logbook loans to people with bad credit, people who have a history of CCJS and people who have a history of defaults. We understand that getting a loan from a financial institution is a huge challenge especially with the numerous credit checks done. In that regard, we purpose to offer logbook loans to such people who have been declined elsewhere and in need of urgent financial help. If you have experienced rejection everywhere else, you should not hesitate to contact us and you can be rest assured that we will have a loan product specifically tailored for you.

Why should you settle for us?

At ELC Loans, we are all about providing our customers with financial relief irrespective of their credit score. There are a number of reasons as to why you should take a logbook loan with us.

  • We are trustworthy, reliable, dependable and ascribe to high levels of professionalism
  • Our logbook loan products are affordable
  • We process logbook loan applications in record time and within the same day
  • We are flexible and offer repayment options comfortable with you
  • We do not ask for additional collateral other than your logbook and you can continue using your car as you make repayments.